Can a family submit an application for a student?

Students referred to the Therapeutic Day School (TDS) by their public home school districts most often have IEPs, or a history of receiving special needs educational services.  However, TDS also accepts privately placed and tuitioned students whose families or guardians have determined TDS is the most suitable environment for their child’s academic and social/emotional needs.

Are all of the students at JCFS’ Therapeutic Day School Jewish?

TDS is accredited by AdvancED and welcomes students of all backgrounds.  Staff and students at TDS represent a broad range of diversity.  There is a separate Therapeutic Yeshiva for students who want to maintain their Jewish studies in addition to the regular school day. 

What is the tuition to attend Therapeutic Day School?

Families generally do not pay tuition to the school. When your student is referred through their home public school, they are “tuitioned” by the school district.

Does my child have to have an IEP to be referred by his school?

Students referred to TDS by their public home school districts most often have IEPs, or a history of receiving special needs educational services.  However, TDS also accepts privately placed and tuitioned students whose families / guardians have determined TDS is the most suitable environment for their child’s academic and social / emotional needs.

Can a student receive special education services at the Yeshiva Program and also attend a mainstream Jewish day school?

The JCFS Yeshiva Program maintains collaborative Partnership Arrangements with Jewish day/yeshiva schools.  Under such an arrangement, a student starts the school day at one school and completes it at the other.   If a child attends mainstream Jewish day school and experiences serious social or emotional difficulty, the family, child, Jewish day school, and JCFS Yeshiva Program might collaborate on crafting a partnership arrangement that could benefit that child.

Do students at the Yeshiva Program take classes at mainstream Jewish day schools?

Students at the Yeshiva Program may take classes at a partnership school (if they are partnership students) or may reintegrate for one or more classes at a Jewish day school, depending on their individualized program.

I’m not sure the neighborhood school is doing all that it should be doing to support my child’s special needs. What exactly are her rights to an education?

Your child does have specific rights and we encourage you to be informed.  Visit the Illinois State Board of Education’s website, which offers robust answers to a plethora of questions parents often have about their rights regarding children with special needs.