Mission Statement

The JCFS Therapeutic Day School provides the best educational, emotional and therapeutic services for students in grades K-12 to encourage their academic, interpersonal and vocational success.

We serve students who are classified in the following special education categories: Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Intellectual Disability, Autism includes autism spectrum disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Other Health Impairment (OHI).

We work with Chicago Public Schools and with school districts from the North Shore, Lake County and the Western Suburbs to receive referrals of students who need an alternative to traditional public schools. Students are educated at Therapeutic Day School at no cost to their families.

Each school day, we welcome a diverse group of 115 students through our doors and each child is supported in ways that address his or her specific needs.  Our teaching staff, social workers, and specialists work collaboratively with our students’ parents/guardians to better understand each individual youth and develop practices that allow the student to achieve success.

Academically, our curriculum is dynamic and competitive. Therapeutically, our program offers students specialty support, unique resources, opportunities to reintegrate to their home schools, and transitional and vocational support.  Culturally, our school offers students opportunities to explore their interests through clubs and extracurricular activities.

We are passionate in our service to your student. As you get to know our school, we welcome your questions, visits and enrollment of your child.

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