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Appreciation from Students, Spring 2017

“JCFS has helped me with my needs and helped me learn what I need to [know] when living out in the world.”

“It helped me become ready to go to my main school full-time.”

“JCFS is a great place and it helped me see the true beauty of learning.”

What do you like best about your school?  “All the staff/teachers that help people when they need to talk.”

“I like that the staff and my teacher are always willing to hear what I have to say.”

“…JCFS helped with my anger issues.  It helps kids with different issues.”

Appreciation from Parents/Guardians, Spring 2017

“JCFS helped a little boy with severe abandonment, emotional and intellectual handicaps successfully transition from a residential treatment program to living back at home with no medications.  They’re an awesome asset to the Chicago community.”

“The staff believes in their students becoming successful and achieve to be all you can be in this world, don’t let the behavioral stop their dreams.”

“JCFS is a place where my son is seen for his strengths and positives and not as a problem.  His self esteem has sky rocketed since enrollment at JCFS and he is blossoming and developing beautifully into a confident, inquisitive, caring and intelligent child who is learning the skills to manage his anger, frustration and emotions in order to navigate life in a health manner.”

“The staff and faculty at JCFS are coordinated, informed and care a great deal for their charges and their families.”

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Stop Action Video at the Therapeutic Day School

Art instructor extraordinaire works with students at the Therapeutic Day School how to make their own stop action videos.  Watch The Hungry Dragon , Strange Lunch , A Pokemon Love Story and more!  View the full collection at JCFSChicago on YouTube.

Got a question? 

Get one-stop, toll-free access to help by calling 855-ASK-JCFS (855-275-5237), or visit The Therapeutic Day School is a program of Jewish Child & Family Services.  JCFS provides vital, results-driven services to adults, children, and families of all backgrounds from across Chicago and beyond.  Services include:  Special Education, Counseling and Support, Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, Child Welfare, Community Programs, and more.