Resource Room

The character Superman was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, surpass speeding trains and stop evil with his brain and brawn.  Very multi-talented….

Now, meet the real-life Resource Room of the JCFS Therapeutic Day School.  This Room is able to offer students cool places to work quietly and away from the bustle of busy classrooms, to offer readers more than 45 shelves of books, to give teachers a place to browse resource materials, to make computers available to students, and so much more.  Extremely multi-talented….

The Resource Room is more than a library, not exactly a classroom, and not at all a lunchroom or teacher’s lounge, yet it offers something for everyone.  With an inviting décor that contributes to the room’s serenity, students ask to visit the resource room when they want quiet time to work on classroom assignments or homework.  Teachers may bring in small groups of students to work with in an environment outside of the regular classroom. Or, students seeking a bit of one-on-one time with someone they can talk to often stop by to enjoy a lunch-time chat with the academic coordinator.

There also are shelves of teacher resources, including manipulative and supplemental materials, which teachers can borrow for use in their classrooms.

Students who are reintegrating to their home schools often use the Resource Room as a place to catch up on, or get help on, work assigned to them by either school.

The Resource Room also serves as the hub for The Mag, the JCFS Therapeutic Day School publication that features student-created stories, poems and artwork. Known as a “’zine,” The Mag is published twice a school year.

The Resource Room is managed by Ali Kafcas, Therapeutic Day School Academic Coordinator and former elementary-classroom teacher.