Therapeutic Support

A Team Approach to Student Achievement

Many a song lyric and slogan have been written about help being close by:  “Reach out,” we’re told, and help will be there.  It’s “just a phone call away,” and when we need somebody, not just anybody, help will be there.

At JCFS Therapeutic Day School, these words ring true for students. Help really is within reach, through the unique Therapeutic Support provided to each student.  Ours is a kind of help designed to build strong relationships between the student, his parents and educational leaders who can be trusted to prioritize the student’s development and growth.

To begin, every student is assigned an individual social worker who will provide a range of services, from individual therapy and parent education, to case management and crisis intervention. Whether a student needs someone to talk to about a deeply personal situation, or is simply having a challenging time during the school day, the social worker is the first of many therapeutic supports available to the student.

Social workers are assigned to students based on the needs of the child, and the corresponding background, expertise and interests of the social worker. The goal is to make an assignment that mostly closely addresses each student’s concerns whenever possible.

With the social worker as the student’s primary support, other JCFS therapeutic supports include:

  • Certified Learning Behavior Specialists
  • Weekly group therapy led by Type 73 Certified (Special Education) Social Workers
  • Access to the school-based Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist
  • Access to an on-site psychiatrist who regularly works with Therapeutic Day School students
  • Access to the school reintegration counselor
  • Support for communicating with the home school district and community providers

There also is support for the student who wants to prepare for a job or college, and needs help learning how to get a job, how to apply for a job, and how to prepare for the rigors of college. Therapeutic Day School is developing a new Life Skills Room for students who need help living independently.

Therapeutic Support at JCFS Therapeutic Day School is led by Michelle Paris, Clinical Director.