News about the Therapeutic Yeshiva

Appreciation from parents

“Words cannot express our appreciation for what you have accomplished this year.  [Our son] has become confident, independent and, most of all, he is happy.  This is all because of you and your amazing program and teachers.  You gave [our son] a supportive environment and a place for him to shine.  We are forever grateful for everything that you have done” — A note of appreciation from parents of a student, June 2017

“Fulfills a desperate need in the Jewish community.”  (Spring 2017)

“The Yeshiva Program at JCFS was a critical part of my son’s improvement in learning, behavior, and overall emotional well being.”  (Spring 2017)

“An alternative Jewish school that provides the necessary services and environment for children who cannot currently attend a regular day school.” (Spring 2017)

“Offers a loving, Jewish environment.” (Spring 2017)

Visit from the Legal Advocacy Center

On Monday, February 22, 2016, Sande Shamash, JD, Director, and Marissa LaVette, JD, Staff Attorney, of the Legal Advocacy Center made a presentation to educators involved with early childhood programs at a number of ATT schools at the Therapeutic Yeshiva.  The program was planned with Mrs. Rusi Sukenik of REACH Chicago.

Thank you for arranging and presenting about the Legal Advocacy Center on Monday. I learned a lot of new information and I hope to be able to use this information to help families get the support and resources that their children need.”  –Mrs. Rivka Varnai, M.Ed., LBS1, Reading Specialist; Director of Student Services at Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School

Appreciation for Work with Reintegrating Students

“I have to tell you that the transformation in [Students A and B] has been dramatic…. I can tell you that whatever happened [at JCFS] has made an enormous difference in their lives. The boys are functioning extremely well here and, although I didn’t know [Student A] before, people here have said that he is like a different child. I can 100% say that I never would have anticipated how much change [Student B] would have made in such a short amount of time. He is doing so well and was even described as a “Rockstar” at our recent… Shabbaton.”  – A note of appreciation from an educator at an ATT school, January 2016